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Allied Health Sessions-Cascade Ballroom
Friday, March 22
10:30-11:30am Brunch and Networking
11:30-12:30pm Genetic Sequencing – How has methodology changed, and why is NGS important in lymphoproliferative disorders? Dr. Christopher Venner
12:30-1:30pm Adherence to oral therapies. Challenges & Importance in the Patients with Lymphoproliferative Disorders Meghan Mior, Pharmacist
1:30-2:15pm Review of The Evidence For Commonly Requested Alternative Medicines in B Cell Malignancies Nikki Blosser, Pharmacist
2:15-3:00pm Oncologic Emergencies in LPD Baljit Randhawa, NP
3:00-3:45pm CAR-T Cells For The Beginner – What do we need to know to get started? Dr. Michael Chu
CCOLD Main Sessions-Cascade Ballroom
Friday, March 22
4:00-5:00pm Registration and Welcome Reception
Leukemia Session
5:00-5:10pm Opening Remarks Dr. Wendy Lam
5:10-5:15pm Welcome and Introductions Dr. Chaim Shustik
5:15-5:45pm Genetics in CLL-Implications for Treatment Dr. Adrian Wiestner
5:45-6:05pm Changing Paradigm for Front-Line Treatment of CLL Dr. Nitin Jain
6:05-6:25pm Should MRD be Goal in Treatment of CLL? Dr. Adrian Wiestner
6:25-6:45pm Management of Relapsed CLL Dr. Nitin Jain
6:45-7:20pm Leukemia Panel Discussion
7:30pm Dinner-Alhambra Room
Saturday, March 23
Lymphoma Session
6:30-7:00am Breakfast
7:00-7:05am Welcome and Introductions Dr. Douglas Stewart
7:05-7:30am Biology of Aggressive NHL Dr. David Scott
7:30-8:00am Upfront Management of DLBCL Dr. Anas Younes
8:00-8:30am Novel Treatments for Relapsed DLBCL Dr. Laurie Sehn
8:30-9:00am Delivery of CAR-T for Lymphoma in 2019 Dr. Kevin Hay
9:00-10:00am Lymphoma Panel Discussion
2:00-5:00pm Reception-Young Investigators’ Poster Session
4:50-5:00pm Presentation of Best Posters
Myeloma Session
5:00-5:05pm Welcome and Introductions Dr. Christine Chen
5:05-5:30pm Changing Paradigm in Front-Line Treatment of Myeloma Dr. Ajai Chari
5:30-6:00pm Sequencing of Myeloma Treatments in 2018-Canadian Perspective Dr. Michael Sebag
6:00-6:20pm Update on Maintenance Therapies in Myeloma Dr. Ajai Chari
6:20-6:50pm Immune Therapies for Myeloma Dr. Adam Cohen
6:50-7:25pm Myeloma Panel Discussion
7:30pm Dinner-Alhambra Room
Sunday, March 24
Lymphoma Session
6:30-7:00am Breakfast
7:00-7:05am Welcome and Introductions Dr. Wendy Lam
7:05-7:30am Best of ASH/ASCO: Myeloma and Leukemia Dr. Christine Chen
7:30-7:50am Best of ASH/ASCO: Lymphoma Dr. Pamela Skrabek
7:50-8:20am Update on Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Dr. Jorge Castillo
8:20-8:50am Update on Mantle Cell Lymphoma Dr. Michael Wang
8:50-9:10am Sequencing Novel Therapies in Hodgkin Lymphoma Dr. Anas Younes
9:10-9:50am Panel Discussion
9:50-10:00am Closing Remarks Dr. Wendy Lam